Tuesday Open House will be offering virtual presentations during the pandemic. Please check back for updates, as well as recordings of past presentations that you can view if you were unable to tune in the first time. 

Mission: Tuesday Open House is the pastor’s initiative outreach ministry to expand knowledge of persons with Norwegian interests and/or background about Mindekirken and Norwegian culture via five areas of interest. Areas are:  Norwegian literature, historic/contemporary Norwegian life, music, theology/faith/life, and art.

The program provides an opportunity for fellowship, a time for devotions, and a time to share happenings at Mindekirken with the participants.  Participants are welcome from all over to meet on-line with persons interested in Norwegian and/or Scandinavian culture and heritage. 

Tuesday Open House is an outreach ministry.  Each program is opened with announcements and a brief devotion read by a volunteer. We offer a once a month zoom presentation. As yet we have no indication the church will be open for large meetings. All of us miss the comradery so this virtual format is one way we can keep in touch. 

Our speakers receive an honorarium as usual.  Any donation you would like to share with our TOH program will be appreciated.  You may mail a donation directly to Mindekirken identifying TOH on the memo line of the check, or donate via our website—selecting TOH Special donation from the pull down menu in the “Choose a fund” field.

Everyone is welcome to join us on zoom!

Upcoming Virtual Presentations (no charge, donations encouraged):  The next TOH event will be offered in September 2021.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 -  Presenter: Magne Hatlevik (watch here for video link of recorded presentation, coming soon)

"St. Olav of Norway" 

Join us for a virtual tour that traces the historical sites connected to Norway’s Saint Olav. Our tour will start in Bergen and we will embark on a boat cruise. We will end up in Trondheim for St. Olav's Festival. Here we will visit the historical battleground of Stiklestad where Norway’s Christian Viking King, St. Olav, met his fate in 1030 A.D. Presented by Magne Hatlevik




Tues., June 22, 2021  David Jones: The Picture of David JonesUnited States Flag: Origins, Evolution and Symbolism 

The United States Flag is an important, perhaps, the most important, symbol of our identity and national pride. The history of the Flag reflects the history of our Nation itself. Join us to hear that story.

Historical presenter
David Jones is a resident of Minneapolis and a native of St. Peter, MN. He graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and spent 24 years in the financial services industry and three years in the nonprofit sector. David Jones has spoken at Tuesday Open House twice before, on the topics of Prohibition, and the Statue of Liberty.




Tues., June 8, 2021  Lin Bruce -- View recorded presentation here:

 Octogenarian, cross-country cyclist, and motivational speaker Lin Bruce shares her late-blooming, against-the-odds, cross-country cyclist story.  At 60 years old she went from cycling across town to cycling across the continent.  In the decades since, she's biked 30,000 trip miles.  Her presentation combines storytelling with an occasional song to entertain and inspire her audiences. 


Lin Bruce is a late blooming cross-country bicyclist, whose first transcontinental ride was in honor of her 60th birthday in 1999.  Using stories of her bicycle adventures as a metaphor for "reaching bigger" in one's life, Lin encourages people of any age to reach beyond perceived limitations, "stretching for ways to bring more life to your days".  When Lin went from biking across town to biking across the country, she shifted the scope of her dreams, discovering "the next adventure" expands one's sense of possibility. With stories and an occasional song, Lin encourages her audiences to keep "engaging while aging".

Tues., May 11  Virtual Piano Concert from Sara Aimeé Smiseth in Oslo, Norway
View recorded presentation here:

Sara A Smiseth

Tuesday, April 27  "The Wider Influence of Hans Nielsen Hauge"
by Mark Granquist, Professor at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota
View recorded presentation here:


Certainly Hans Nielsen Hauge had an important influence on religious life in Norway in the early nineteenth century. His preaching and revivals were as influential as they were also deeply controversial.  But very consciously, Hauge did not form a new church, and urged his followers not to do so.  He also did not travel outside of Norway very often, and his contacts with Christians in other countries were limited. Hauge’s writings were important in Norway, but less so elsewhere.  But it can be argued that Hauge had a large influence in Christianity around the world, especially through the work of those whom he inspired.  This session looks at the influence of Hauge beyond Norway, and see how his disciples brought his religious principles to the wider world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021   Visit with some of Mindekirken's Former Pastors

The program on April 13 at 11 am is very special appearance of 8 of the former Mindekirken pastors who are now in Norway, together with Pastor Anne Brit Aasland in Minnesota. We will hear a little from them all. Participating: Harry Cleven, Bjørn Sørensen, Gunnar Kristiansen, Ole Amund Gillebo, Jens Dale, Per Inge Vik, Kristin Sundt, Jorunn Raddum. These pastors have been invited to talk about different topics, ca. 5 minutes each. They may talk about themselves and their families, about the Church they are in now, about their time in Mindekirken and one will even mention TOH! Velkommen!  

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Rev. Trond Bakkevig, will talk about: “Can Religion Contribute to Peace in the Holy Land - and in the wider Middle East? And, Can Norway Have a Role in such Efforts?”

Bakkevig is a retired (“rural”) dean of Vestre Aker, Diocese of Oslo, in the Church of Norway. He has his Doctorate from the University of Oslo on theology and nuclear arms. Since 1996 he facilitated dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land. Trond Bakkevig lives in Oslo with his wife Inger Anne Naterstad.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - OboeBass! presents "Norwegian Music and Folktales"

Norway has a living folk tradition of music and stories that permeates the culture and continues
to influence new art works. We will share stories and play some traditional folk tunes and national songs, including music of Grieg, Nordråk, and some current composers influenced by Norwegian music and folktales. We will provide song lyrics and encourage participants to sing along exuberantly from the privacy of their own homes!

OboeBass! is Carrie Vecchione, oboe, and Rolf Erdahl, double bass. They last appeared on the Mindekirken TOH series Feb. 5, 2019 in a program about the life and music of Edvard Grieg. Rolf Erdahl was awarded Fulbright and American/Scandinavian Foundation grants for research in Bergen, Norway that culminated in his Peabody Conservatory Doctoral Dissertation on the string music of Grieg. While in Norway, Rolf also played bass with the Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester, Harmonien. Harmonien is one of the oldest orchestras in the world, and Grieg conducted it for two seasons.

Please download the handout to sing-a-long: Norway Folktales Handout

 Tuesday, January 12, 2021- Lori Reinhall
Lori Ann Reinhall, Editor-in-chief  of “The Norwegian American” weekly paper will present:“The Norwegian American newspaper: Connecting with your Community” 

 Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020 - Gingerbread Wonderland at Norway House, by Max Stevenson













November 10, 2020: Pastor Tim Peterson, "Going to Norway, Becoming Norwegian"

“I visited Norway the first time in 1964, when I was 8 years old, visiting relatives in Valdres and Oslo with my parents. I have gone back to Norway as a military chaplain, a software designer, and as a pastor - 13 times altogether. And, of course, I have had the wonderful privilege of serving as interim pastor at Mindekirken in Minneapolis! Here I will share the story of all my Norwegian adventures.”

Tim Peterson, interim pastor at Mindekirken from September 2017 through December 2018 and interim pastor of the American Lutheran Congregation in Oslo from September 2019 through April 2020, is now the Executive Director of Mount Carmel, a Bible Camp near Alexandria, Minnesota.

October 6, 2020: Emma Boyum, Winner of Alt for Norge

Emma Boyum is the most recent winner of Alt for Norge, a Norwegian reality television program where Norwegian-Americans compete for a chance to meet their long lost Norwegian relatives. In the 10th, and likely final season, Emma and her cast mates ate, skied, and sang their way through Norway, learning a great deal about Norwegian language and culture. Through all of the rigorous challenges and competition, Emma made lifelong friends with her competitors and fell in love with Norway. She can’t wait to return to the home of her ancestors. Emma enjoyed sharing her experience on Alt for Norge at Tuesday Open House. View her presentation now: