Mission: Tuesday Open House is the pastor’s initiative outreach ministry to expand knowledge of persons with Norwegian interests and/or background about Mindekirken and Norwegian culture via five areas of interest. Areas are:  Norwegian literature, historic/contemporary Norwegian life, music, theology/faith/life, and art.

The program provides an opportunity for fellowship, a time for devotions, and a time to eat a lunch.

Velkommen to Tuesday Open House  
Tuesdays, September-May, in Fellowship Hall

10:30 a.m.         Doors open
11-11:30 a.m.    Lunch is available
11:45 a.m.         Welcome and Announcements
12-1:00 p.m.      Program presentation

$10 donation per person upon entry includes lunch and program 

Upcoming Tuesday Open House Program 
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May 16: Modern Values told through Norwegian heritage: Power of Travel to Norway
              Presenter: Torunn Tronsvang and, her colleague, Henriette Bendiksen
Torunn Tronsvang is the Founder and CEO of Up Norway. Up Norway uses the combination of tech and human touch to create experiences for travelers seeking sustainable luxury experiences in Norway and the Nordic countries.


       Previous 2023 Tuesday Open House Programs

February 14   The Center for Victims of Torture in Minnesota 
Presenters: Orlyn Kringstad, Roman Polischuk (in Ukraine), Kadra Abdi (Center for Victims of Torture)  
                            Video recording now available in TOH archived programs (button below)  
         February 21   "Yust for Fun!" Old Time Scandinavian dance music, with a few stories and jokes 
                             Presented by folk music duo Laurie Agrimson and Art Bjorngjeld           
        February 28     Sculptor Finn Eirik Modahl:
he artist who created the "Seeds" pine cone sculpture placed in front of Norway House
        March 7         Great North Innocence Project  
                            Presented by dir. of communications & out-reach, Hayley Drozdowski-Poxleitner, and legal fellow Anna McGinn
        March 14       Life in Design   By Dewey Thorbeck, Architect 
        March 21       Labyrinths — Pathways of Prayer: by Lisa Moriarity
        March 28       Beowulf: Heroes, Monsters, Treasure and a Dragon — by Lawrence Moe
         April 4           The Race to Conquer England: 1066 and all That!      Presenter: Marguerite Ragnow, Ph.D.
        April 11         One man’s dream: “Build it and it will sail”    Presenters: Mary Tollefsen and Markus Krueger
        April 18:        National Norwegian Art Gallery     Presenter: Gunnar Kristiansen
        April 25:        Nordic Childhoods 1750-1960: From Folk Beliefs to Pippi Longstocking
                            Presenter: Marcia J. Bunge, Ph.D.
           May 2:        Busseruller - Work Shirts in Norway and America Presenter: Carol Colburn
          May 9:        Raoul Wallenberg’s heroic role in saving Jews in Hungary in 1944  Presenter: Dr. George Sarosi
                            See a full interview with Dr. Sarosi in the Digital Collections of the National WWII Museum,
                            at this link: Interview with Dr. George Sarosi


  Archived Tuesday Open House program videos (Click button below)


Mindekirken is called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, empowering service to others.
Mindekirken practices its ministry through Norwegian traditions, culture, and language.