Congregational/Foundation Meeting - July 11, 2021

Please join the meeting at 12:15 pm.


Mindekirken’s neighbor to the northwest of the church, Norway House, is proposing a major expansion of its facilities to include an event center that will cover the western half of its property. The event center will take up virtually all of the parking that is now available along the west side of the current Norway House building.

As a part of the expansion, Norway House has approached Mindekirken and the Mindekirken Foundation to expand parking on the two lots fronting on Elliot Avenue. The proposal is to enter into an easement agreement with the Mindekirken Foundation (the Foundation) and the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (the Church) to replace the easement agreement entered into between the Church and City-County Credit Union in 2004. Norway House and the Church would share parking on the entire area. In return, Norway House would pay for the new parking area and the majority of the upkeep.

Merriam Webster defines an easement as "an interest in land owned by another that entitles its holder to a specific limited use or enjoyment" of the land. It is a perpetual agreement, meaning that once in place it cannot be terminated except by the agreement of the parties. It also will "run with the land," meaning that it stays in place even after the property of one party is transferred to a third-party.

The Mindekirken Council and the Mindekirken Foundation Board are pleased to let you know that after many meetings with representatives of Norway House over the past year to address concerns and smooth out details, they have approved both an Easement Agreement and a License and Temporary Construction Easement Agreement with Norway House. They are making the recommendation to members of the Mindekirken Congregation and to members of the Mindekirken Foundation to accept the aforementioned documents as written at a specially called meeting of the Church and Foundation members on July 11, 2021. The Zoom link will be below on Sunday.

Please click on the links below to read the legal documents, a summary and brief history of the project, and to learn more about the proposed design:

Easement Agreement & Exhibits (Updated Friday, July 9, 2021)

License and Temporary Construction Easement Agreement (Updated Friday, July 9, 2021)

Brief Summary and History

Design File of Parking Lot (Overall, Grading/Drainage/Erosion Control, Utilities) (Updated Friday, July 9, 2021)

Copy of Letter To Members

Important Dates:

  • Sunday, July 11th - 12:15 pm: Hybrid Special Meeting of the Mindekirken Congregation and the Mindekirken Foundation Members