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Completed applications can be dropped off at the church office or mailed to Mindekirken (924 E 21st St, Minneapolis MN 55404)


Mindekirken has two kinds of membership: Full Membership and Associate Membership. Full membership is for those who attend Mindekirken as their primary congregation. Associate membership is for those who wish to be involved with Mindekirken but also wish to remain members of another congregation.

Membership is not required to participate in services and events, receive communion, or give to Mindekirken. Full membership is only required to vote at congregational meetings and to serve on the Congregation Council.

If you are interested in joining as either Full or Associate member, there is a simple "Request for Membership" form that you may get when visiting, calling, or e-mailing the church office. Once your request is approved, you will be officially welcomed into the congregation during a New Member Sunday service.

Some frequently asked questions about becoming a member of Mindekirken:

What must I do to become a member at Mindekirken?
There are only two requirements for membership at Mindekirken – 1) Baptism and 2) Affirmation of Baptism. At Mindekirken we honor any baptism performed in another Christian church. If you or your child has not been baptized, please contact the church office and schedule a visit with the Pastor.

What can I expect at a New Member Sunday service?

In a New Member Sunday service, we have a special segment to receive and welcome new members. We’ll ask you to come forward for a short liturgy including an Affirmation of Baptism, after which a member of the congregation will welcome you and present you with a flower.

I don’t have any other church membership and don’t know that much about Christianity. Is this a problem?
Not at all!! We welcome you and we are glad that Mindekirken can be a part of your faith journey. Please contact Pastor to talk about how you can learn more about the Christian faith, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and most of all how you can serve God and your fellow human being at Mindekirken.

Do I need a letter of transfer from my previous congregation?
Preferably.  But while a letter of transfer is not required, we like to send a letter to your previous congregation and previous pastor as a courtesy. We encourage you to contact your previous pastor. We will send our letter to that church/pastor within 10 days after the New Member Service.

What if I am Roman Catholic, or Baptist, or Methodist, or Presbyterian, or…..?
Lutherans recognize and accept the rite of baptism, confirmation, and marriage performed in all Christian churches. We teach that we are only one part of the whole Christian church on earth; one that is re-forming, changing and growing evangelical, and catholic (meaning one part of the WHOLE body of Christ). This is the one way realize the unity in Christ we confess together. We also hope that you will come to appreciate the distinctively Lutheran aspects of our tradition and theology.

I want to be involved in Mindekirken, but I’m not sure I want to drop my membership in my home congregation.
That's OK. You can choose to join us as an Associate Member. This allows you to remain a member of your home congregation, but still participate in the life of Mindekirken. However, an Associate Member does not have voting privileges at congregational meetings.

Mindekirken is called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, empowering service to others.
Mindekirken practices its ministry through Norwegian traditions, culture, and language.