April 19, 2022   
Norwegian-American Innovators and Inventors

 Presented by: Laurann Gilbertson, of Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, Iowa

Vesterheim's exhibition, "Innovators & Inventors," shares the stories of problem solvers and creative thinkers in the Norwegian-American community and highlights the many inventions. There are several “firsts” featured, like the outboard motor, gasoline pump, wearable pacemaker, airport jetway, and pizza delivery bag. There are also examples of how existing ideas and products were improved and expanded. Other stories focus on women innovators, the art of innovation, and inventions that we can’t live without. In this presentation, enjoy the stories behind the “firsts” and some of the products you use every day. All invented with the hopes of making our world a better place. Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School, is located in Decorah, Iowa. Laurann Gilbertson is the Chief Curator there. Among her duties are overseeing the collection of more than 30,000 artifacts, creating exhibitions, and leading Textile Study Tours to Norway.

Tuesday Open House Program April 19, 2022  Video is no longer available (June 2022)


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