click hereMindekirken Norwegian Service March 19, 2023 at 11am

Pastor:   Gunnar Kristiansen
Organist:   Steve Liening
Choral Conductor:   John De Haan


To follow the service, open the Liturgy Booklet, Bulletin and Sermon:

Norwegian and English Liturgy Booklet - Lenten: Lenten Liturgy Booklet 
Liturgy of the Norwegian church. 
This booklet provides the liturgy in both languages, Norwegian and English, side-by-side.

Bulletin for worship: click here 
Use it in conjunction with the Liturgy Booklet for this service's hymns, readings and music.

Sermon: Click here for today's sermon


Mindekirken is called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people, empowering service to others.
Mindekirken practices its ministry through Norwegian traditions, culture, and language.